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2024 Diaspora Update/Status

Not a lot of updates again this year! New network map here for transparency, only real change is I offsite my backups to my home nas first then off to backblaze. Donorbox continues to work well for donations, and not begging for them is also still working well using my scripts to ask people for… Read More »

2023 diaspora status

Not much has changed, things are humming along with and stable. I suppose I need to delete and move the account soon. On my to do list probably the end of the year unless twitter blows up. Not sure what to do about this old blog either. I think I will make a… Read More »

Mid year 2021 check-in

Well after a bumpy start to the year with the server blowup things are smooth sailing. New server is doing great! I have updated the server diagram with the new info. Sponsored By: Titan Investments

Migrating diaspora from mysql to postgres

So I decided also on the update to move to postgresql. I found to be my best place to start, however I had lots of crap in my DB to also solve. First I have open_aspects and password_salt in my users table that should have dropped, so I did. Second, I had tons of… Read More »

Official news from Diaspora team

The core team has a new post no on their blog   It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been working on Diaspora for a whole year now. And I am happy to report that we’re still here, and we’re going strong. From those first pizza-fueled nights in the ACM room at NYU, to the Kickstarter… Read More »

New pod domain name poll

My friend wants to start up a pod, I have some domain names he can use but not sure what to use! What do you think would be hip and cool? [bwpdaddy id=’4960752′]