Monthly Archives: March 2018

2018 progress bar for diaspora podmin donations

Pod donations trickle in over the year, but doing a fundraiser with a  progress bar seems to really help out to raise donations. How to: 1. app/assets/stylesheets/stream.scss You need some css syles so add: #progressBar { width: 710px; height: 15px; border: 1px solid #111; } #progressBar div { height: 100%; color: #fff; text-align: right;… Read More »

2018 Diaspor{a,g} Network Diagram

I know I never post on here, but I like to be transparent on where data is stored for diaspora pod, here is the setup I am running for 2018. I will try and blog more this year! Let’s see if that works at all 🙂     Also if you are a PHP… Read More »