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Find user by photo random guid

diasp:~/diaspora$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails c Loading production environment (Rails 5.1.6) 2.4.4 :001 > Photo.find_by(random_string: ‘369c458d9b5b659a8333’) => #<Photo id: 2135366, author_id: 377, public: true, guid: “fba50340b6990136292d047d7b62795e”, pending: false, text: nil, remote_photo_path: “”, remote_photo_name: “369c458d9b5b659a8333.jpg”, random_string: “369c458d9b5b659a8333”, processed_image: “369c458d9b5b659a8333.jpg”, created_at: “2018-10-20 13:28:41”, updated_at: “2018-10-20 13:28:52”, unprocessed_image: “369c458d9b5b659a8333.jpg”, status_message_guid: “025389a0b69a01362935047d7b62795e”, comments_count: nil, height: 3264, width: 1836> 2.4.4 :002 >… Read More »

update your diaspora pod

I made this simple script to make my life easier and do updates with no downtime.  

Removing spammers on your pod

Assuming the issue is in your production diaspora db Grab the spam script. Mine is here Edit and add your users to remove on line 4. If more than one separate by space. Use full handle. Run it from command line ‘RAILS_ENV=production script/spam.rb’ Spammer gone. This also works for GPDR removal requests.