Migrating diaspora from mysql to postgres

By | December 11, 2015

So I decided also on the update to move to postgresql. I found http://blog.koehn.com/technology/2014/08/21/diaspora-mariadb-to-postgres.html to be my best place to start, however I had lots of crap in my DB to also solve.

First I have open_aspects and password_salt in my users table that should have dropped, so I did.

Second, I had tons of created_at and updated_at that were NULL and that wont work to move to postgres so I populated them with now() as the date, hope that does not wonk things up a ton.

From the example post above I just needed to add the 3 new tables around chat and I was ready to run. The pod seems 3x faster now, running a tag search is now 1 second from 30. Should be a good move.


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One thought on “Migrating diaspora from mysql to postgres

  1. tek

    Could you give a step by step tutorial on how to do this, I set up my pod with mariadb, originally and its so slow.


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