2024 Diaspora Update/Status

By | December 8, 2023

Not a lot of updates again this year! New network map here for transparency, only real change is I offsite my backups to my home nas first then off to backblaze. Donorbox continues to work well for donations, and not begging for them is also still working well using my scripts to ask people for help. Dropped using twitter and you can find me at https://mas.to/@diasporg for updates if the server is going offline or having any issues. I continue to put my energy more into https://gitlab.com/diasporg/poduptime and try and learn more and more PHP.

2 thoughts on “2024 Diaspora Update/Status

  1. tek

    and not begging for them
    I regret the way I worded that, that day I was angry, I hope your day goes great,
    seems down.


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