Monthly Archives: December 2010

Happy New year. Link shortening option for all posts now!

Any public post with a photo will automaticly shorten your to a short URL. You can now also shorten ANY url in a post by adding an extra / to the link so http:/// would be shortened due to the /// after the http: works with http:/// and https:/// and ftp:/// David

Note on picking your account name

Your choice on a diaspora handle since its an application seperate from server core, but if you have selected one reserved by linux as an admin account, when email rolls out you will be left without the ability to receive email via that address 🙁 E.g. Root Admin Postmaster Abuse And so on.

Moving hosts, server will be down at 5PST

Giving up on old host i/o issues and trying a new one, the box is way faster. Moving thing over at 5. Yes all current accounts and photos and stuff are migrating over. Should be less than a hour to move all the data. DNS updates may take a hair more to the new IP.

pod status update

Well my decision to purge all user accounts and start over today is not wildly popular as I thought it would not be, but I think in the long term we can reset that Diaspora is a distributed thing. My decision was mostly based on the server I/O wait times being crap, and crashing the… Read More »

Resolving 500 Errors on

Just confirmed the older accounts are bugging out and no migration exists yet. Its ALPHA which means you need to drop the account (delete) and make it again. If you can not delete you will have to make a new account for now. Down the road we will have to do a clean up on… Read More »