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Mid year 2021 check-in

Well after a bumpy start to the year with the server blowup things are smooth sailing. New server is doing great! I have updated the server diagram with the new info. Sponsored By: Titan Investments

2018 Diaspor{a,g} Network Diagram

I know I never post on here, but I like to be transparent on where data is stored for diaspora pod, here is the setup I am running for 2018. I will try and blog more this year! Let’s see if that works at all 🙂     Also if you are a PHP… Read More »

VPS for testing and small things on a small budget

Well my DNS VPS ChesterVm host disappeared, 7 days offline now, no responses to tickets etc, pretty normal with that market. I did however after trolling WHT for a while find Hostsailor (affiliate link of course). They have openvz servers from 1.99 and Xen from 3.99. I am using one of the 1.99 openvz for… Read More »