Monthly Archives: January 2011

Facebook inviter #2, sharing on aspects and

Diaspora* also has a built in inviter that sends a sign up link via Facebook messaging. Since the one I wrote posts to freinds walls and we do not need invites I am leaving them both in, choose your flavor. You can now share your aspect lists with others in it. shut down, I… Read More » posting works!

We now have native support on posts, config in services. I take no credit, this is a pull requst on the main project i pulled to test.

More speed and still no invites needed

I added 12 workers on a bigger faster server to deal with posts to services and stuff. Also makes pod more snapy since the main server is not dealing with that stuff anymore. Sign up with no invite at

Ipv6 restored

Pod ipv6 back, few people needed it for connection and its been fixed. Note just the pod

Mysql migration done, facebook inviter updated.

Mongo to Mysql migration done. Looks like we are not talking with other pods yet.. 🙁 Facebook script updated, still needs work your feedback is helpful. If you can not access the pod your old cookie is in play, flush your cookie or restart your browser to flush the session cookie from the old… Read More »

New looks and public post work again!

New code has new looks very clean, way more mobile friendly. Public posting working! Url shortening using /// in url works in posts and comments. You can have your post go to many aspects at once. My pod news link is not popping up right will fix tomorrow.

Post your public to and others

I just tested HTTP:// and was able to have it post to ok. It can do buzz and linkedin and much more. Your public rss feed can be found by viewing your profile and your browser should show that page has a rss feed.