April 4th 2021 Datacenter Issue

By | April 5, 2021

Our host is having a datacenter major incident. I will update twitter when I know more.

If you are being redirected here from diasp.org please flush your cache so you do not get stuck when pod back up

4/9/21 update. I have found a new host and have a server being built to host podupti.me, diasp.org and dia.so now. Expecting this in a few days. My old host might have the old server back online before that, what knows. But I won’t stay with them as they are now hoping to put out weekly updates and have no idea when servers will be back up, just the worst DR I could ever imagine from a company, time to move on. Thing happen, communication is key. I asked them no move me to LA datacenter and no luck, just stuck siting waiting to see if the server even exists anymore is not ok. Still not sure why water is in the center or why a generator is close enough to a building to set it on fire, I don’t know a ton about datacenters but something seems off.

I have lots of backups offsite for all the data, images, etc, a backup ran at 11am on the 4th, about 2 hours before the fire.

4/10 the CEO of webnx posted a more helpful and much more transparent update https://webnx.com/outage-updates/

4/12 update. hope to have the new server by thursday and have the pod online on Saturday 4/17

4/14 update. note from my old host “Server 27031 – is currently not powering on.  Technicians are aware and the server is on our list to be investigated.  Please be aware that this may take several days to several weeks depending upon parts availability.  If you are more concerned for the data than the server being online please reply to this ticket so we can pull the drives and see if they’re operational.”

4/14. expecting a eta today from new host tier.net for server delivery. as i guest a new server would probaby come online before the old one.

4/15. new server is build and shipped to datacenter

4/16 eta for new server in my hands is today

5 thoughts on “April 4th 2021 Datacenter Issue

  1. V. T. Eric Layton

    Thank you for the information. Hope all is back up and running soon! I miss my diasp.org access point to the Fediverse. 🙂



  2. pete

    Hi, could you please post a list of pods? I registered on one of them a couple of weeks ago and I don’t remember the exact name. Something like dias.be. I’d appreciate it, thank you.


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