Happy Birthday to Diasporg and Happy Holidays

By | November 5, 2014

Well here we go today is November 5th, its been 4 years today since I launched diasp.org. I won’t try and recap it all, its been a lot of learning for me and I truly enjoy it. I have a host for the pod that is great. I get enough in donations most months to keep my share of the bills in check. I personally have gone in and out of paying attention to the code base and what is going on (make sure you follow https://blog.diasporafoundation.org/). I am a computer geek and always love keeping the server going, currently debugging some Nginx to Unicorn timeout issues again, had them years ago and they are back..

I do notice I get a lot of alerts to look at post and comments that people flag, so far all of them have been from another pod, so I just move on, nothing I can do there. Not sure why it was coded to alert the pod owner of the user not the owner of the pod content. I also would not have removed any of them if they were on the pod, yes sometimes people will say things you do not like or agree with, that’s life on Diaspora. If you don’t want to see them anymore, just ignore and move on! If something violates the Terms then yes I will do something.

TONS of new pods on podupti.me and that is great! I have done some cleanup there and hope its usable for everyone, its open source and on github so everyone can edit and help out with features of course.

And personally things are just fine here in Portland as we settle in for some rain, some end of year holidays, and then start the hope for spring. Have a good holiday where ever you are and what ever you do or do not celebrate, just have some damn fun!




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