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2024 Diaspora Update/Status

Not a lot of updates again this year! New network map here for transparency, only real change is I offsite my backups to my home nas first then off to backblaze. Donorbox continues to work well for donations, and not begging for them is also still working well using my scripts to ask people for… Read More »

2023 diaspora status

Not much has changed, things are humming along with and stable. I suppose I need to delete and move the account soon. On my to do list probably the end of the year unless twitter blows up. Not sure what to do about this old blog either. I think I will make a… Read More »

Fediverse Observer

Well after 10 years or so with poduptime I finally realized that pod is very diaspora specific and its been many years where we have collected data from any server that supports nodeinfo from places like mastodon and friendica and lemmy etc. So it was time for a rebrand to Yes as the name… Read More »

Mid year 2021 check-in

Well after a bumpy start to the year with the server blowup things are smooth sailing. New server is doing great! I have updated the server diagram with the new info. Sponsored By: Titan Investments

April 4th 2021 Datacenter Issue

Our host is having a datacenter major incident. I will update twitter when I know more. If you are being redirected here from please flush your cache so you do not get stuck when pod back up 4/9/21 update. I have found a new host and have a server being built to host,… Read More »

2021 server setup

Every year this seems to get a bit more simple and cleaner! Lots more CPU power for 2021! server move is scheduled for 11/17/2020 15:00:00 PST, 22:00:00 UTCwindow is 3 hours planned Here are the network updates: IPv4: IPv6: 2607:f2d8:4010:35::21 I2p: diasporg.i2p Note, i2p is adding ssl certs, so you will be able… Read More »

Disable email on a diaspora user with bad email

I get some folks that are very active with bad email addresses and it causes a lot of extra work on postfix. To solve: RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails c user = User.find_by(email: ‘’) user.disable_mail = true

2020 server setup

Things will remain about the same as last year for the servers The diaspora code base has lightened up slightly as has the user base activity of the year This seems to keep things about right, the server is not blowing smoke but keeping up well

2020 Donation bar how to for diaspora podmins

Pod donations trickle in over the year, but doing a fundraiser with a  progress bar seems to really help out to raise donations. How to: 1. /app/assets/stylesheets/stream.scss app/assets/stylesheets/stream.scss You need some css syles so add: #progressBar { width: 710px; height: 15px; border: 1px solid #111; } #progressBar div { height: 100%; color: #fff; text-align: right;… Read More »

Find user by photo random guid

diasp:~/diaspora$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails c Loading production environment (Rails 5.1.6) 2.4.4 :001 > Photo.find_by(random_string: ‘369c458d9b5b659a8333’) => #<Photo id: 2135366, author_id: 377, public: true, guid: “fba50340b6990136292d047d7b62795e”, pending: false, text: nil, remote_photo_path: “”, remote_photo_name: “369c458d9b5b659a8333.jpg”, random_string: “369c458d9b5b659a8333”, processed_image: “369c458d9b5b659a8333.jpg”, created_at: “2018-10-20 13:28:41”, updated_at: “2018-10-20 13:28:52”, unprocessed_image: “369c458d9b5b659a8333.jpg”, status_message_guid: “025389a0b69a01362935047d7b62795e”, comments_count: nil, height: 3264, width: 1836> 2.4.4 :002 >… Read More »