August Pod Update!

Well we survived the doors of my host closing and are now on a dedicated server! Its humming along just fine.Still trying to get back some $ from the VPS jumps and loosing the clubuptime one. But people have been donating and signing up for the coffee subscription and helping out, Thank You!

The Diaspora dudes are plugging along and making things better! I got ejabberd xmpp server stuff set up in prep for them pulling that into the master, think its close.

I updated just a bit, some looks and some back end code. I put the Translate script up on github.

This week I moved DNS over to for ns since we have had 5 outages from namecheap and done dealing with DNS issues. Think I will stick to namecheap for domains and ssl certs for now.

Some stats for the pod!

Users in db: 23,660 (~15,000 are active in the last 2 months)

Database size: 2.6gb

Photo size: 12.3gb

Photo count: 124,396

Piwik overview last 30 days:

41363 returning visits
194430 actions by the returning visits
4.7 actions per returning visit
8 min 29s average visit duration for returning visitors
44% returning visits have bounced (left the website after one page)

Still working massive work weeks so not a ton of time to play and learn more ruby..





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  1. May I suggest CloudFlare for you DNS management?
    i’ve been trying pretty much every other out there for years, even got to a point of having slave DNSs via AFX up to 5 NSs so my DNS zones where never down, but CloudFlare seems pretty nice.

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