Servers, Issues – August.

By | August 2, 2011

Most of you know my host closed its doors last week. Zero notice, just pulled the plug and no server. I was able to get the pod back up in a few hours using a backup from the night before and a VPS I was able to get spun up from a deal on wht for displaced folks. That server seemed ok, but buckled as soon as traffic came in. So I found another that looked better, seemed inline with the clubuptime on (softlayer box). Turns out it can not handle the load either, its really bogged down, but its alive and hosting the pod now. (Slowly !). So rather than another quick jump again, I closed sign-up and invites for now and we will stay put. That is until I have a better solution, I have several things I am looking at, but VPS with the clout to handle the pod is way to steep. So a more dedicated server solution seems more in line, no sharing resources on some massive box overshared by lots, one box the right size for this pod. So things will be slow and broken for a few more days, I hope to have a long term solution in place by end of week. Then get the pod migrated over early next week. Work is 55+ hours right now and I will be out of town this weekend. While the pod is slow take the time to hit that paypal subscribe button, help give me the confidence to spend a lil more on something rock solid! Flattr, and other donation means on this blog.

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