Diaspora* Changes and Updates 3/12/11

By | March 12, 2011

Well the dev team has pushed a lot of stuff out already this month:

-Images inline bigger now
-Audio Inline .mp3 (you need a html5 like chrome to see it)
-RSS feeds are fixed, see your feed at http://diasp.org/public/username
-Public profile, see yours at https://diasp.org/people/youruserid (logout to see what the world will see)
-Hashtags #tryit
-Private Messages!
-@mentions of users

-Public posts can go to each service you select not just all

I also updated the Greasemonkey script today to fix the translations!

I am sure there is more, that’s what I remember off hand. If you have not been on the pod for a while take a look!

3 thoughts on “Diaspora* Changes and Updates 3/12/11

  1. chris-kun

    public profiles aren’t working for me.. just asks me to login

    1. diasp.org Post author

      Make sure you are trying your user id not user name, same URL as view profile link from top menu


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