pod list updates, new url http://podupti.me with code update check date

By | February 10, 2011

I updated http://pods.diasp.org and moving to http://podupti.me the old urls will redirect over after a few days, going to try and let pod owners know to add the code, make sure it sorts right. Page does not pull and wait for results, it caches on the server and the server pulls in background every 15 min.

I also added a check to the pods headers for the last gitcode pull so you know if a pod is up to date or not. Why? I see people sigining up for pods based on uptime and the most up to date pods are not the ones with the most up to date code. People end up on a pod that can not communicate and do not work right and get a bad idea of how things work. This does require SSL to be on and the script to be able to check https:// on your pod! If you are hosting a pod please add SSL support it is free to use startssl.com for your cert!

If you run a pod you can include the proper code to add this to your headers by including https://github.com/diasporg/diaspora/blob/master/app/helpers/modified_helper.rb This will add the X- Header and allow you to use last_modified on your haml pages for the date.

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