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Removing spammers on your pod

Assuming the issue is in your production diaspora db Grab the spam script. Mine is here Edit and add your users to remove on line 4. If more than one separate by space. Use full handle. Run it from command line ‘RAILS_ENV=production script/spam.rb’ Spammer gone. This also works for GPDR removal requests.

2018 progress bar for diaspora podmin donations

Pod donations trickle in over the year, but doing a fundraiser with a  progress bar seems to really help out to raise donations. How to: 1. app/assets/stylesheets/stream.scss You need some css syles so add: #progressBar { width: 710px; height: 15px; border: 1px solid #111; } #progressBar div { height: 100%; color: #fff; text-align: right;… Read More »

2018 Diaspor{a,g} Network Diagram

I know I never post on here, but I like to be transparent on where data is stored for diaspora pod, here is the setup I am running for 2018. I will try and blog more this year! Let’s see if that works at all 🙂     Also if you are a PHP… Read More »


I know I have been horrible about blogging and all communication in general. Server is moved to a new host. Blog moved to new host. I will get a network map up soon!

i2p and tor access for diaspora

Well the pod now has some alternate than https type access https://diasporgc3d32vv4.onion the tor site uses the * ssl cert, since you trust that now you should trust that for .onion. .onion ssl certs are too hard to get for now. http://diasporg.i2p you need to enable “accept headers” in your http tor relay to allow… Read More »

VPS for testing and small things on a small budget

Well my DNS VPS ChesterVm host disappeared, 7 days offline now, no responses to tickets etc, pretty normal with that market. I did however after trolling WHT for a while find Hostsailor (affiliate link of course). They have openvz servers from 1.99 and Xen from 3.99. I am using one of the 1.99 openvz for… Read More »

Change email address for a diaspora user from rails console

Just a tip on how to update a pod users email address if you need. In my example I need to edit production postgres DB user #5 and change their email. cd diaspora RAILS_ENV=production DB=postgres rails c user = User.find_by(id: 5) = ‘’ And that is it. You can of course use this… Read More »

Progress bar for diaspora pod donations

I added this little nifty JavaScript bar for 2016 pod donations and it worked well to get the server and costs paid for. Wanted to share with other podmins, so a step by step! With links to my code base so you can see it. Edit app/views/shared/_right_sections.html.haml Add to beginning: :javascript   $(document).ready(function() {progress(103, $(‘#progressBar’));});… Read More »

Diaspor{a,g} Server configuration 2016

I have not been using this blog much, I just updated it to https and upgraded it a lot, I will try and blog more this year! diaspora is looking better and better and my interest is back up a lot in the project. WordPress always amazes me how easy it is to use and… Read More »