2021 diasp.org server setup

Every year this seems to get a bit more simple and cleaner!

Lots more CPU power for 2021!

diasp.org server move is scheduled for 11/17/2020 15:00:00 PST, 22:00:00 UTC
window is 3 hours planned

Here are the network updates:


IPv6: 2607:f2d8:4010:35::21

I2p: diasporg.i2p

Note, i2p is adding ssl certs, so you will be able to access via https soon for i2p

Tor: diasporg5tj4xz5mxkd5qnrppo7tbb6ynk2gtmjw5lmz6mtbesj3k6id.onion

Note a new .onion route here, this v3 name can support a ssl cert. For now it will still use the diasp.org ssl cert and you will get a warning. you can use http or https for tor.

Network status at https://diasp.net

From Twitter @diasporg:

I guess @cisco forgot to renew http://spamcop.net .. My postfix is super unhappy with that it looks.

Sorry if you got some dupe emails after a delay from http://diasp.org that was me fat fingering something, all better now

If your email is @yahoo.com or any yahoo domain I can confirm you are not getting mail from http://diasp.org

Some DNS servers still catching up to new IP, if you are not seeing the pod yet, flush your DNS or have a cup of tea and you will see the pod soon!

cant login to .i2p or .onion, I get a CSRF error for both. Trying to solve, Not sure why that is not working.

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