My mission is to keep the pod add free and pay all the bills, that does require your support!

Ways you can help:

  • Dwolla
  • Bitcoin – 1J8uBj8scLj554Wh32nc43683cGdZ9BtGV


Let me know if you prefer some other site, I can set up an account.







6 thoughts on “Donations”

  1. What about putting up some advertising with ? As I understand it, the only information that advertisers get is the number of hits, so it wouldn’t involve handing over anybody’s personal information. (Granted, the ads shown are likely to be kind of random…)

  2. and what about payment via Bitcoins? many people in USA and UE can pay with bitcoins because is easier buy/sell bitcoins in that places.

    here in Latinoamerica is a little harder, offcurse :p.

    in fact, wikileaks and the Free Software foundation accept bitcoins as a form of donation 🙂

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