Progress bar for diaspora pod donations

progress bar javascript

I added this little nifty JavaScript bar for 2016 pod donations and it worked well to get the server and costs paid for. Wanted to share with other podmins, so a step by step! With links to my code base so you can see it. Edit app/views/shared/_right_sections.html.haml Add to beginning: :javascript   $(document).ready(function() {progress(103, $(‘#progressBar’));}); […]

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Migrating diaspora from mysql to postgres

So I decided also on the update to move to postgresql. I found to be my best place to start, however I had lots of crap in my DB to also solve. First I have open_aspects and password_salt in my users table that should have dropped, so I did. Second, I had tons of […]

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Happy New Year *Again*

Well its been a year again since my last blog post.. I moved to the east coast from the west coast, getting settled in. We have a new dog and 2 new cats here at the house. Not been as active on the pod as I would like, I think the slowness bugs me, but […]

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Happy New Year – Upgrade time!


Well its time to upgrade Ubuntu to the new LTS so I can keep up on packages. Tomorrow 1/10/2015 at 8am (UTC-8) I will start the update, a extra db backup even though I have a offsite nightly, db backup takes several hours to dump. I imagine pod will be offline for 2-3 hours if […]

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Summer Update

Pod is humming along on its new host. Having everything on one server is working ok, our numbers are way down on users. I have registrations open, mostly because new users = some donations and we can handle the capacity, once I see that change I will close them again. Backups without the db on […]

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Happy New Year && Spring Cleaning Time!

Well since closing signups we have become a much quieter pod, donations are pretty quiet also, so its a chance once again to trim the pods server needs and move to a single large dedicated server. New datacentre, New host, the old one is very cost effective, but when things go wrong they are slow […]

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